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Data protection from Scan Alarms
We can protect your property and important data to assist you in complying with the GDPR regulations.
Four physical security measures
you can take to help protect your
important data
With big changes to the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in 2018, we've outlined some of the steps you can take to protect your important data and conform to the new guidelines.

Over time, Data Protection has transformed to include much more than just hardware and software. GDPR takes into account the physical security of data, including the building it is situated in, as well as the principles protecting it from theft or misuse.
The physical security of your building or server room
must be considered as a priority, ask yourself:
Wireless Alarms Belfast Who can access your important data?
Home Alarms Belfast Where is your data situated?
Wireless Burglar Alarms How is your data physically protected?
Home Alarms Belfast What current policies do you deploy?
GDPR Security Belfast
Data Protection Belfast From surveillance to physical deterrents, we can utilise a wide range of systems
Four steps you can take to protect your
building and important data
With big changes to the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in 2018, we've outlined some of the security systems you can deploy to protect your important data and assist with GDPR compliance.
24 hour surveillance to watch over your property
Knowing who has access to important information is one of the key points in creating a data protection policy in the workplace.

CCTV surveillance reinforces this policy and provides business owners with hard evidence of access to secure rooms where data is held. Cameras can be set to watch over entrances, triggered to detect movement or work alongside access control for added verification.
CCTV Systems can help you to:
GDPR Security Belfast Watch over secured areas where data is held
GDPR Data Security Belfast Provide a second verification on who has access
GDPR Data Protection Review historic footage for evidence
GDPR Security Belfast Deter attempts of unauthorised access
Data Protection Belfast
Deter criminals from targeting your property
Electronic security systems not only provide you with better management tools, intruder detection and surveillance, but can also be deployed as a proven deterrent.

Alarm bell boxes and CCTV cameras on display show the world you're under the protection of a professional security company like Scan Alarms. Remember, the last thing criminals want is to be seen, heard or caught.
Physical deterrents can help to:
Data Protection Belfast Cut the chances of being targeted by criminals
Belfast GDPR Security Stop opportunist theft
Data Protection Belfast Demonstrate you're under protection
Belfast Data Protection Reinforce data protection policy with staff
Prevent unauthorised access to certain areas
Transform your security measures by replacing old and tired locks with innovative electronic locks - allowing management to gain more control over who has access to where, and when.

Access control can be deployed as a standalone option or networked across the whole building, simply managed by one central PC for ease of use. From here, you can keep track of movements, restrict access to certain doors or by time of day and quickly remove access privileges or ban cards at the press of a button.
Access Control can help you to:
GDPR Security Belfast Replace old locks and remove the need for keys
GDPR Data Protection Belfast Provide an extra level of security on doors
Data Protection Belfast Set specific permissions for staff members
Belfast Data Protection Track staff movements across the building
Data Protection Belfast Eliminate lost or stolen cards in seconds
Deploy additional alarm protection for secure storage of data
To assist with GDPR compliance, the security of hardware and backups must be taken into account. Whether you are securing data in a separate server room, cupboard or on multiple computers, additional alarm detection can be deployed to secure the environment.

Extra door contacts, window sensors and PIR detectors can be utilised in conjunction with your existing alarm system to provide further protection. In many cases, we can also help to protect data storage cupboards/rooms under a separate 'zone', allowing you to arm the alarm during the day without effecting day-to-day work.
Alarm Systems can help you to:
GDPR Data Protection Increase the protection across your building
Server Room Security Belfast Secure separate server rooms or cupboards
Data Protection Belfast Set specific zones dedicated to data storage
Take the next steps in protecting your data
with intelligent security systems
Our team will happily walk you through your options and organise a suitable time to visit you for a survey.
Contact our team today on 028 9034 2233
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Why choose Scan Alarms?
Our consultants are trained to carry out professional risk assessments at your property and work with you to find the best solution for your requirements. We consider the nature of your business and can offer a range of options
to assist with your compliance and data protection.
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