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We design, install & maintain fire systems to provide the optimum level of protection for your property Hand-picked fire safety systems to protect your business

Fire detection & suppression systems from accredited installers
Fire Alarms Belfast
Fire Alarms Belfast
Fire Alarms Belfast
Fire Alarms Belfast
Fire Alarms and Safety Systems
As a trusted fire and security company with accreditations from leading associations, we can
deliver the perfect safety and suppression systems for the protection of your staff,
property and assets, no matter the complexity.
Providing a holistic approach to fire safety and detection
At Scan Alarms, we specialise in all aspects of fire alarm detection and prevention. Our fully qualified in-house fire risk assessors offer an experience insight into fire standards, and working with our installation team can deploy proven fire detection systems to meet your requirements, or those of your insurers.
Our in-house experts can help your business to:
Fire Alarms Belfast Meet fire safety regulations within your industry
Fire Alarms Belfast Complete a detailed fire risk assessment for your property
Fire Alarms Belfast Design and install a comprehensive fire alarm system
Speak with our team for free, expert advice
Belfast Fire Alarms
Belfast Fire Alarms
An unrivalled range of detection and safety systems
Fire Alarm Belfast Fire detection
Fire Alarms Belfast Fire suppression
Fire Alarms Belfast Fire extinguishers
Fire Alarm Belfast Fire alarms
Fire Alarm Belfast Installations
Fire Alarms Belfast Maintenance
Fire Alarms Belfast Servicing
Fire Alarms Belfast Fire risk assessments
Fire Systems Belfast
Working with Kentec, we can offer a wide range of open protocol fire alarm control systems, including conventional, twin wire, analogue addressable and extinguishing.
Fire Alarms Belfast Comprehensive range of fire alarm control panels
Fire Alarms Belfast High-quality build, designed to customer specification
Fire Alarms Belfast Tested and approved to international standards
Fire Systems Belfast
Apollo are Scan Alarms' preferred manufacturer of reliable world class smoke detection beams and wired or wireless smoke and heat detectors for a wide range of applications.
Fire Alarms Belfast Specialising in high-quality fire detection solutions
Fire Alarms Belfast Continuously exploring new technologies
Fire Alarms Belfast Awarded Royal Warrant by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
Fire Alarms Belfast
Every second counts where fire is concerned - Wagner aspirating smoke detection allows our fire systems to provide the earliest form of detection available.
Fire Alarms Belfast Provides earlier and accurate pre-warning and alarm detection than conventional detectors in high-risk or inaccessible areas
Fire Alarms Belfast False alarm resistant
Fire Alarms Belfast
Fire Vu is a CCTV and video analytics-based detection system used to provide effective early warning of ignition in expansive internal areas such as aircraft hangars, crop storage warehouses, and waste processing plants.

Fire Alarms Belfast

Intelligent fire detection using video analytics
More about Fire Vu Visual
Belfast Fire Alarms
The Jactone PAFSS (Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression Systems) technology provides a highly-effective and efficient solution for detecting a fire at source and extinguishing it at an early stage before the fire fully develops.

Fire Alarms Belfast

Automatic and fast acting fire suppression systems
More about fire suppression systems
Fire Alarms Belfast
Fireco door systems facilitate the automatic release of fire doors upon the sound of an alarm or via a wireless transmitter. Our range is perfect for use within healthcare, education, hospitality and commercial environments.

Fire Alarms Belfast

The smarter way to hold open your fire doors
More about fire safety doors

Protection For Every Situation

Our wide range of fire-related products and services enables us to tailor our offering to each client’s needs:

Warehouse Protection
In warehouses where emissions from fork lifts, vans or trucks would activate smoke detectors and cause nuisance alarms, we can provide multi-sensors which may be programmed to detect heat only during working hours but automatically reset to offer more sensitive optical smoke detection whilst the building is unoccupied.
Remote Signalling
Remote signalling ensures that you're property is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also, in order for the police to attend they will require verification of the detection.
Server Protection
In environments where protection of assets or data is of utmost importance and where the amount of downtime must be kept to a minimum, we can offer Aspirating Detection and Gas Suppression System solutions, which, in the event of fire, can reduce potential losses to an absolute minimum.
Refuge Communication
Disabled refuge provides a temporary safe area within the building during an incident. We're able to provide systems for disabled refuge communications for these areas so that you're able to provide information to those within the building.
Zone/Areas Setup
Hazardous areas may be incorporated into the safety systems that we provide, with an extensive range of intrinsically safe detection devices, call points and sounder beacons linked via barrier devices into the main system.
Toilet Alarms
A disabled toilet alarm is generally activated with a ceiling mounted pull cord, which will trigger a light & sounder outside the WC, also alerting the call controller. Our team is able to install a wide range of fire safety systems to help with the protection of people and property.
Our specialist fire safety team are able to provide you with the safety you, your staff & your property need

More than any other security system, those that detect and suppress fire are vitally important; not only do they protect human life but they can also minimise your losses should a fire incident occur.

We offer a complete fire safety service for your applications: risk assessments, design, installation, commission, maintenance, and even remote monitoring.

Our choice of fire alarm control panels ranges from conventional applications to sophisticated open protocol analogue addressable panels, including large networked systems.

Fire Alarm Belfast
Recent fire system projects
Find out about some recent projects that we have been working on and learn more about
our solution-based service that is tailored to clients' individual requirements.
A recent fire extinguisher installation to protect important electrical equipment
Our team has recently been working on the installation of a Firetrace extinguishing system to protect an electrical switchgear.

Fire Alarms Belfast

Intelligent fire extinguishing system installation
Wagner Titanus Pro Sens smoke detection system for a commercial customer
Our fire safety team have recently been working on installing a smoke detection system for a local company to keep their property safe from the risks and dangers of fires.

Fire Alarms Belfast

Commercial smoke detection system
Confidence through quality
For insurance purposes your fire detection system design will need to meet all the requirements of EN54, I.S.3218, BS5839-1:2013.
We are an accredited SP203 (BAFE Scheme) and NSI Gold Fire Alarm Company. This ensures that our systems are installed
and maintained to the highest standards possible.
Our effective fire solutions can help you to:
Fire Alarms Belfast Protect your staff, property and assets Fire Alarms Belfast Reduce damage with zones & suppression
Fire Alarms Belfast Comply with current fire regulations Fire Alarms Belfast Suppress a fire where it's most effective
Fire Alarms Belfast Protect everyone, even those with disabilities Fire Alarms Belfast Protect small enclosed spaces & large open spaces
Safe Certified BAFE Approved NSI Gold Approved BSIA Member NASIC Members Fire Industy Association Construction Line Approved Safe Contractors NVIR Certified

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